“I truly believe the words ‘music lover’ fall in the same category as ‘food lover’. A human being. Show me someone who isn’t moved or positively affected by wonderful music. The concept for Mudita Music and the services it provides goes back further than I care to mention, but its safe to say it was prior to the abundance of today’s digital music advantages. However the principle remains wholly intact. Which is, when music is forced upon us in public spaces (in particular bars & restaurants) it should, without exception, be given as much thought and consideration that has been demonstrated by the menu, the décor and the very service itself.

If we consider the Gestalt Principle, gestalt meaning a unified whole, we know the brain has self-organising tendencies. We humans experience the whole before the sum of its parts, perceiving a set of individual elements as a single recognisable whole, rather than multiple pieces. What we hear while experiencing any particular retail moment, has a resounding effect on our enjoyment of everything else our remaining senses are presented with, thereby weakening or indeed strengthening a brand as a whole, and likewise a single customer experience, in one fell swoop.

As a woman of a ‘bon vivant’ nature, I am that consumer. I yearn for things to sound right, complement a dynamic service, to feel confident of that moment in a multi sensory manner. And I believe I can help your clients feel like this too. We consult with creatives, producers, DJs and professionals in the field, while relentlessly seeking out those all-important sounds to make precious clients’ ears glow in stylish public spaces.

Please feel free to bounce back to this blog page where we will periodically be exploring the scientific and theoretical effects music, good and bad, has on varying areas of our business and personal lives.

The meaning of Mudita is simply; a pure joy unadulterated by self-interest. When we can be happy of the joys others feel around us. A sentiment that can be further expressed by gracing valued people in our lives with the right music in order to create exceptional and memorable moments in time.”

Carrie Cooper

Mudita Music